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We're all in this together. Talkspace, another online therapy platform, reports it has 500,000 registered users worldwide, with most in the US. Our confidential online therapy & counseling is available for those aged 18+ for $150 per month. Online support groups are highly popular, offering insight and compassion to people experiencing a wide range of issues. our HIPAA compliance when we get a company’s software involved in our therapy services Our online therapy platform is a fully supported and easy-to-use solution when you as a therapist want to offer therapy to existing and new clients over the Internet. NousTalk lets you connect with your clients over secure online video, no matter the place. Need help to set up your own online therapy business? All parts of our program are based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It is the latest addition to our ”happiness-toolbox”. Icebreakers for Group Therapy. Successful and effective online speech therapy, online occupational therapy, online school psychology, assessments, and online mental health service implementations demand a cutting edge telehealth platform in addition to cream-of-the-crop therapists. The live sessions are available as video, voice only or text. At, the clients are offered one 30-minute chat session each week with our in-house therapists. Online therapy programs provide a variety of mental health services and access to therapists. If you prefer to get paid by your clients in any other way, that is perfectly fine. Nous – Greek philosophy meaning “mind”, “reason” or “intellect”. Online Therapy. Talkspace began as a group therapy platform, but has evolved to a company offering online psychotherapy from licensed therapists. Talkspace introduced Unlimited Messaging Therapy in 2014, providing users text messaging with a therapist on the Talkspace website or mobile app. Resuming care or seeking care in a timely and efficient manner can also pose significant challenges. This post is to provide a very simple answer to that question. It all boils down to a simple equation: Great Clinicians + Great Software = eLuma’s Leading Live, Online Therapy Solution. Today I want to highlight I will focus on choosing a web-conferencing platform that fits how you practice counselling. Improve client care plan adherence, client engagement and outcomes. As someone that practices both traditional and online counselling I want to ensure the web conferencing platform I choose allows […] ", A Virtual Practice Management Platform That Keeps you Connected and Compliant, "Finally a world class secure, compliant, virtual practice management platform designed specifically for mental health professionals that helps me scale my practice...",, Shared Perspectives - A Joint Publication on Student Mental Health, College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, Personal Health Information and Protection Act (PHIPA), Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Post-Secondary Student Mental Health: NousTalk provides mental health clinicians a platform of services that fits in with their existing practice and their clients’ busy lives, making it easier for them to deliver quality care while providing their clients access to the care services that they need, wherever and whenever they need them. Online therapy usually costs less than in-office therapy, sometimes substantially so. Automated e-mail confirmations and notifications make scheduling and re-scheduling appointments easy. It’s an instant front door to your therapy business, that can be up and running within minutes. Teletherapy. Contact Us: Connect with one of our specialists who will answer any questions you might have about working with us. Start Online Therapy . Online Therapy Platform. Search for an approved licensed therapist. Whether in person or via telehealth, an initial meeting with a new client can make you feel a certain type of anxious. Chat online with caring listeners. "If you're using an online therapy platform and you ask someone if they're suicidal and they say no, is that it?" Online therapy is quite possibly the future of … It’s like THAT! Online Therapy Platform for Therapists. The Online Therapy Directory is an international directory that provides a platform that connects people with therapists all over the world. Therapists must understand that their role extends beyond mere facilitation of the group. Have happier clients who love seeing you without leaving home and stick to their appointment schedule. Online group therapy does more than just offer support. NousTalk is transforming how clinicians deliver mental health care and how clients experience mental and behavioral health care. If you're not getting the same level of care from an online therapy platform, you should demand it. is a platform providing online cognitive behavioral therapy. The online therapy program consists of eight sections for your clients to read through and includes all the information and tools they need to be able to get better. This blog will review therapy activities and icebreakers for new pediatric clients in one on one or group sessions. Caring, Online Mental Health Professionals. Get matched easily with a licensed, board-accredited counselor today. Make it easy for your clients to get help when they need it. Group telehealth requires competency in two areas — group therapy and telepsychology. Book therapy online with qualified counsellors & psychotherapists. Need help to set up your own online therapy business? I can text my therapist whenever I want through the app, there are tons of stress relief/coping exercise on the app, AND ALL BLACK PEOPLE get a discount in support of #BLM. Their therapists guide users through worksheets and interactive online books via live chat and messaging. Choose online counselling by video, chat, telephone counselling or find therapy near you, 24/7. In addition to communicating with your clients through the worksheets and live sessions, they can always send you a message with any questions or thoughts. Online therapy isn’t for everyone. I love how easily I was able to integrate NousTalk into my practice workflow. The live sessions are all taking place through your web browser using our platform - and you don’t need to install anything. It is a struggle for mental health clients to have to take time out of their busy schedules to make an appointment and travel to a therapist’s office for a consultation, and to do so regularly to adhere to their treatment plans can be difficult. As an external therapist, you can use the chat to the extent that it suits you and your clients. Online Therapy Platform. From your dashboard and email notifications, you can easily see which clients are expecting worksheet feedback from you. 1-647-558-1224. After you have signed up for a therapist membership, you will get access our program so that you know what type of material your clients are supposed to work their way though. Ask for help, join a scheduled group support session, or share your own wisdom and life experience to help others along the way. In addition to being the platform with the most generous package of live therapy sessions, they provide a complete toolbox of resources to empower users to take charge of their mental health. I have tried most of the online HIPAA compliant counseling solutions in the marketplace...NousTalk's video and audio quality is by far the best I have used yet. Telemedicine For Mental Health Care Professionals and Their Clients – Made Easy, "For those of us doing online counseling, NousTalk is a game changer! When signing up for a therapist membership, you will get access to a test client so that you can try out the platform, including all the features. The websites allow members to find a therapist anywhere in the world. NousTalk is a secure HIPAA, PHIPA and GDPR compliant online therapy and practice management platform bringing therapists and clients together anytime anywhere via a simple, secure, encrypted live online audio video connection. They are treatment providers who must offer effective, evidence-based the… Before starting a telehealth group, psychologists should refer to the APA Ethics Code and to the APA Practice Guidelines for Telepsychology. Our suite of technology and features ensures successful e-therapy visits practice management software and workflow to help you manage your entire practice – online and face to face. Watch the introduction video and then start exploring the videos. That’s why we have created an easy-to-use journal for your clients! 7 Cups provides free emotional support through trained peer-listeners and chat groups. With NousTalk you will increase your accessibly and reach, acquire new clients and improve care with your own white‑labeled e-Therapy platform. Research shows that is the easiest telemedicine solution for patients. Our online therapists are trained and supervised by life coach, Krista Roesler (the company founder), so they are able to extend themselves above and beyond the typical standard in your sessions and offer more than just an ordinary online therapy experience. You can watch the ones that meet your specific need. The activity plan also serves as a written agreement with yourself and greatly increases the chances of you carrying out your plans! Online therapy research shows that a licensed mental health professional like online psychologists can help you. It may be that the majority of your clients prefer in-office therapy. We are very happy to present you with this new feature - yoga and meditation videos! Each section is comprised of both reading material and practical hands-on tools like worksheets, an activity plan and a journal. Later in the program, the test will be used as a reference point so that both you and your clients can see the progress they have actually made. These videos are perfect for when you need help to cope with your depression, anxiety or stress or when you’re feeling low and need an instant boost of gratitude and happiness. At iCouch, we very frequently get asked by experienced and new therapists how to start an online therapy practice. NousTalk is an online therapy platform for mental health clinicians. This is where the magic happens and what makes our services completely unique! They are simple to implement, they’re fun, and they help participants to begin engaging with the group in ways that feel safe. Online therapy services may even make the process of finding someone to speak with easier by expanding the number of licensed therapists you … These resources can provide you with immediate help worldwide. In addition to the directory and profile page, you get a complete platform with all the content, systems and services you need to be able to offer therapy online. Best Teletherapy Platforms: Pricing, Features, and Rating Comparisons. This is where your clients add and schedule the things that will add extra light into their lifes! Learn more: therapist platform » It is simple and easy for patients to use, there are no downloads or accounts to setup. Dr. Arthur Trotzky provides an online group for professionals in recovery. By starting the day on the right note, it’s more likely that you will continue your day with a more positive attitude. ... and affordable HIPAA compliant telehealth platform that has been securely connecting patients and providers since 2009. The Online Therapy Directory also provides resources and guidance to therapists that wish to take their practice online with podcasts and documents that help you get started. Online therapy web conferencing platforms are reviewed and recommended. [11] Clients and therapists can also send audio and video messages on the platform or schedule live video sessions. "Those kinds of clinical issues come up, which is why I think most psychologists seem to feel much more comfortable integrating technology into an ongoing face-to-face or video/teleconferencing relationship versus using only messaging." There are several factors to consider when deciding which web conferencing to use for online counselling. 130 likes. For those of us doing online counseling, NousTalk is a game changer. More than 3,000 therapists with 38 million+ counseling sessions are ready to help you! For your convenience, we have arranged so that your clients can pay you through PayPal directly from your profile page. Our online therapy platform is a fully supported and easy-to-use solution when you as a therapist want to offer therapy to existing and new clients over the Internet. Online anxiety support groups provide friendly and safe environments to get the help you need. Dr. Julie Quimby provides and overview of online group therapy in this lunch and learn webinar with Psychology Specialists of Maine staff. Weekly meetings support and reinforce recovery and quality of sober lifestyle. So I recently started using @talkspace for online therapy and I refuse to shut up about it. Online professional therapists are also available at cost. We looked at companies including Talkspace, Regain, Betterhelp, 7 Cups of … Note that prior to starting a program with a new client, you need to agree with the client how much he/she will pay for your services including other terms and conditions (like refund policy) since this may be different from the standards of the site. Centre for Interactive Mental Health Solutions (CIMHS) offers an initial, free eight-session interactive therapy program for those living with depression. We looked at sites including Turn2Me, Mental Health America, and more to help you find the best one for you. Our in-house yoga teacher Petra has created a simple yoga tutorial and slow flow videos for beginners. Sync online appointments with your practice calendar, Integration and Sync with Desktop Practice Calendar. If you want to read a more detailed post about how to add it to your existing practice, please read our post How to add online counseling to your existing therapy practice. Whether your client moves away, goes on vacation, lives in a rural area of the state, or simply can’t make it to your office, thera-LINK allows you to continue your sessions in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. If you are not able to load this page, clear your browser's cache. Bufka says. Spend less time scheduling and rescheduling appointments. Hosted the first groups online in 2010 and transitioned his private practice exclusively to the Internet in 2012. The feedback you give in the worksheets is an important part of your clients’ progress. Is Teletherapy Right For You? At, our in-house therapists normally reply to a client within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Secure online therapy from all your devices. Even though the program itself is standardized, by giving feedback and support through the worksheets (and the chat) you will be able to help you client in a personal and individualized way.

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