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They must be conserved and preserved. Rain is absorbed by ground, reducing surface run off. Here are five secondary benefits of living in the forest. Forest fires are a natural and necessary part of the ecosystem. Publish your original essays now. Forests are of great advantage to humans, birds beasts, reptiles, and animals. The legislative powers of the Parliament under the Indian Constitution, 4 Important Facts about the Mineral Resources of India, Essay on Leadership: Introduction, Functions, Types, Features and Importance. The value of the forest must be factored into the financing decisions that take places for the mines, farms, and roads that take the place of trees. Following are some points illustrating the importance of forests: Forests help in maintaining the water cycle on earth. An apple tree can yield up to 15-20 bushels of fruit per year and can be planted on the tiniest urban lot. As I said before, forests have a good influence on climate and soils, so in this way they also improve crops. Welcome to! They are really green gold. It is used in the construction of houses in which we live, offices, buildings, railway sleepers, train compartments, vessels, boxes and other tools and implements without which we cannot do We get firewood from forests. They are home to many wild species of animals, reptiles, and insects. Forests are of great advantage to humans, birds, beasts, reptiles and other animals. With the increased rate of deforestation, the frequency and the intensity of floods has increased in different parts of the country. They provide shelter to birds, beasts and many other beautiful animals. Forests’ Influence on Crops. The beautiful earth would have been devoid of its charm in the absence of forests. Government must take bold political decisions and develop new civil society institutions to improve governance and accountability regarding forest use. One of the advantages of deforestation is its being a source of income for farmers who cut down trees to be made into coal and be sold as fuel. They also absorb rainwater and prevent severe floods. The areas where there are no or few trees such as Sudan and Ethiopia, often go dry. They absorb the harmful carbon dioxide gas and maintain the earth’s temperature. Pingback: Essay Writing: Types, Components/Format , Characteristics and Samples - Smart eNotes. They are primarily responsible for fore keeping the ecological balance intact the clean the atmosphere by absorbing harmful gases and keep a balance of oxygen with other gases. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. They provide us with many essential things. Forests provide us with a variety of resources such as wood, timber, fibre and other raw materials for domestic as well as commercial purposes. Forest is a large area of land covered by trees and woody vegetation. The climate, soil, and topography of the region determine the type of trees that grow in a forest. They provide shelter to pheasants, ferocious beasts and mammoth beautiful animals and birds. They have attracted poets, philosophers, thinkers, saints and hermits since the dawn of civilization. Trees can either store harmful pollutants or actually change the pollutant into less harmful forms. It is a means of livelihood. People in rural areas cook their meals on firewood. in ways that do not harm the forest. We have discussed the advantages of afforestation above. Now, people are cutting them down at a rapid rate (about 15 million acres per year) in a process called deforestation in order to make room for developments, such as roads, buildings and other man-made structures. Forests are full of meadows and pastures which provide fodder for our domestic animals like the cow, the goat, the horse and the buffalo. If we plant more trees to compensate for the ones that must be harvested to create the space, then we can offset many of the disadvantages that come through this practice. Price Determination under Monopolistic Competition – Explained! SFM is the use of the world’s forests in such a way that they continue to provide resources in the present, without depriving future generations of their use. The forest cover acts as a rain-holder and a rain banker. Privacy Policy3. It creates usable land for human expansion. They provide us with a bonanza of useful herbs and other medicinal plants. cannot live without forests. Forests cover a wide range of natural resources, which are of excellent value for money. Published by Experts. Forests are a beautiful place for those who want to spend some time in the lap of nature. Over the past 20 years, FSC has earned a reputation as the most rigorous, credible forest certification system. To sum up we can say that we cannot live without forests. Forest conservation as the name suggests is the preservation and the protection of forests. Forests… It plays a major role in maintaining the biodiversity and the ecosystem of planet earth. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. They suck huge quantity of rainwater that in turn results in springing out of springs and wells. 6. Forest School: 9 ways children benefit from learning and playing outside Last updated: 10 June 2018 - 1.43pm This is why it is beneficial to conserve forests. Here are our top 10 reasons why forests are magical. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! There's something magical about a forest. The advantage that it gives us is access to the space we need to create the food resources that will support us in the future. What are the Disadvantages of Afforestation? Forests can serve as reservoirs (hosts) of plant and animal parisites as well as diseases. Trees Clean the Soil . Managing forests helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 1. It's the setting for epic adventures and amazing journeys in countless fairy tales and stories, but the land of fairy tales isn't the only place where forests are magical.

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