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I am pretty sure there is some privacy policy/disclosure that protects me and my family as consumers. I have been told that Aaron's will order me a new King size suite. THE STORE HAS FIRED, TRANSFERED ALL THE EMPLOYEES THAT WERE OF SOME HELP TO ME BUT THEY ROTATE THEIR EMPLOYEES LIKE STOCK IN A SUPERMARKET, SO YOU HAVE TO KEEP EXPLAINING YOURSELF TO A NEW PERSON EVERY TIME. I need to send a letter to them to express some dissatisfaction, but the manager at the local store wouldn't give me the address because he doesn't want to get in trouble. Steve Olsen is President of The Aaron’s Company. (The employee I dealt with on my first contract was, Paul Haun, he is no longer employed by Aaron’s). I had been a customer for almost 17 years and have recently got down to the last item from them a DVD player. When so-called assistant management gets downright rude and racist with a driver who nicely and politely asked them to please bring the extra cardboard out of the truck so that it could be thrown away,his comment was the he'll with that they'll get it at the next store,then proceeds to tell me that I need to get in my truck and move it so he can close it up and seal it,if this is how so-called management treats people then they sure won't get any of my business, A phone number I was given by a store for the regional office and when I called the number I get a phone company recording that the number has been disconnected,when I looked up the corporate headquarters number to lodge a formal complaint about rude and racist management the number on the website doesn't work either,Aaron's as a company isn't too bad but some individuals ruin it for all the rest,at one of my deliveries I got my eye on a really nice dining room table well after the management experience I'll take my $1100 and shop elsewhere. The fact of the matter was that at times my bill was not even five days after the due date. Box 607 Leominster, MA 01453 . I stayed in Chicago and returned to the store and started the lease..fastforward the item was received damaged, and I sought help through the service agreement and the problem has not and seemingly cannot be resolved BUT the store tells me they can't change out the merchandise despite the damages happening while the product wasin their possession. Delivery time depends upon inventory availability in local area, freight schedules to local stores, and in some cases the shipping address. We transform lives and deliver careers with purpose at Aaron’s. name, November 29, 2014Aaron's, Inc. 309 E Paces Ferry Rd Atlanta, GA 30305ATTN: Customer Service Re: Lynda M. Carter Contract No. I addressed this with the manager if that's really what he is because they have a habit of lying I will take my business elsewhere. He should be ashamed of himself, obviously he is not. I opted not ot start the contract then as was considering relocating to TX. ComplaintsBoard.com is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Aaron's Customer Service. If you have any questions, please contact Aaron’s by writing Aaron’s, Inc. The purpose of this site is supply you with their phone number and address as well as share your thoughts about Aarons Savannahs. Furthermore, my daughter, Erica Carter, had a contract with them after she moved in her own place at the same time as my second contract. I will get nascar's information on this blogger for anyone who wants to contact them. Fax Number: (404) 240-6583. Then they show up on the day of me running around for my kids things for school and told them to be here first thing the next morning i waited until 2 and nobody showed up. Aarons in Hendersonville NC is full of liars, uncaring and rude people. Prior to his current position, Mr. Olsen served as Chief Operating Officer of the Aaron’s Business since April 2020 and as Chief Merchandising, Supply Chain and Transformation Officer of the Aaron’s Business from December 2016 to April 2020. I had this same shit done with a bedroom set that ended up on my credit and when I went to get this set they almost didn't make a deal with me for something 15 yrs ago and it was there fault for never picking it up its bullshit.. Hi, I would like an associate from the corporate office to contact me regarding an account of mines that was charged off onto my credit. Dear Anonymous:Regarding your FMLA leave; if you requested your sick time and vacation time be paid FIRST, then convert you to FMLA, you need to contact the Labor Law Enforcement office in your area. Thank you!! Since I became a customer I have NEVER received a statement with my balance. This branch should cut it's losses with a manager that picks and choose. when I call to make the payment last month I asked her how much it would be to cover me till the 15th she gave me the amount and I paid. As a result of the harassments, I contacted the corporate office and I was given an issue number. I wouldn't gave 1 star if they let me. Got what I thought was a good deal on a washing machine and dryer cause it had cosmetic issues and so called a close out but since now in between jobs I called 6 times to be picked up and the guys finally came out but didn't take them cause nobody knows about the cracks were there and they was I didn't worry cause it wasn't effecting anything. We called the store and now they won't even talk to us. I started working for Aarons as a customer accounts associate and found out why this store gets so much employee turnover. I say NO WAY. This information was not added by me. !October 7, 2017 at 7:21 pmI’m so Devastated over this that they have the nerve to do this and not call my mother in law to be sure it was me OK! This was all due to the fact she could not deal with the harassment anymore regarding her own payments. I will pay it the 15th or they will be sued. Does anybody have the corporate address for Aaron's the rent to own company? Pomona office sucks roman store manager has had many complaints from me on him but his ass is still employed by them. Locations. i got a lot of appliances from arrons from neptuneson 3rd ave paid them early then my refrigerator well i paid 2;567.76 first they scratched it yhen one week they had to put new seal on the doors then they had to come check the temperature , it allways had something well last year sept /2 19 it was deforsting an the drawers filled up with water we lost all our food , now the refrig was only 3 years old now befor the refrig i got a new stove i thought was new the gast sounded like it was going to blow the burners didnot light 3 stove i got well back to refrig they wouldnot return my calls i think the maneger steve never in it cost us 398.26 an now the same thing we got someone to come out an arrons said your not coverd they all said they can beleive the refrig this new could have this problem noone will help i call a miss lewis an she said i will get someone to help you thats not right she gave a women number an she was in corp she wanted to now who told you me to call me i was told that it must have been a refrig that was used or took back there is a hole in the back under the panel an said it cannot be fixed no one will call an take this peice of crap back i want my money back an the money i paid to fix it so anyone having a problem lets get a lawyer i am. The company also carries a full line of office and corporate furniture, including office systems, desks and credenzas, chairs and seating furniture, reception room furniture, filing and storage products, conference tables, and training room supplies and equipment. Again I complained and now suddenly there is a half month added on everything I'm buying. See 12 photos and 1 tip from 185 visitors to Aaron's Corporate Offices. Aundala M Grimesplease get in touch with me ASAP 360-515-1775. I was put on hold and after waiting way too dam long for another dimwit to come on, I did the right thing, I HUNG UP! Because of the loveseat breaking, I told them I didn't want that product again and that I would just a recliner instead. Needless to to say after several phone calls to the store throughout the day and being told that the driver was close to getting to me, or that he would be at my house in 15 minutes, "ALL LIES". I initially visited the store on Cicero ave in Chicago back in March of this year and began the application process. Instead of making a customer happy they want to take the merchandises to resale. Aarons is fixing to lose alot here in Harrison Arkansas.. THEY CONSTANTLY BEAT ON THE DOOR, RING THE BELL FOR 15 MINUTES AND THEN WHEN I FINALLY OPEN THE DOOR, THEY THREATEN AND HARASS ME OVER ITEMS THAT WERE RETURNED MONTHS AGO. I definitely would love to know where you live .. This banging on my door was very unprofessional and also was a noise violation. our. But, as I called the store that my mom got her laptop, which is in Waianae Hawaii. It is unprofessional and they work in a business environment so they should know the law. 1015 SW 3RD ST, #85, LAKE BUTLER, FL, 32054 Mailing Address. Email Alerts. Now, can anyone tell me how or even why this company is still doing business? Free and open company data on New York (US) company AARON'S HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING INC. (company number 5158401), 75 BRIDGE STREET, CORNING, NEW YORK, 14830 She then procedes to tell me the fact that i am late is stupid then procedes to lecture me as i am trying to tell her i will be in to make a payment today she pushes the topic of returning what i had purchased. Click Here * denotes required field. Best of luck to you! It is a Full size bedroom suite. we bought a laptop in 2014 paid 83.00 a month for 14 months and they came and got it , and any contract is paid off in 12 months , we paid double for this pc and they are smart low down dirty. I have all the messages recorded on everyone's phone and well be contacting a lawyer to discuss filing charges against Aaron's from telling my personal business about my account. my main concern is I do not want to be disrespected or lied to. We need to go all out on this crap. After 4:00pm and still no show, I asked to speak with a manager, named Ryan, who informed me that they just sent someone out to my house 15 minutes. The only way to get corporate attention is to video/Recording and post it on Facebook and twitter. I have had some serious issues with Aarons and was wondering if I am just chasing my tail in circles? You take it … I called the Bradenton Florida store to see about renting a room air conditioner. I hate this company and would never recommend it even to my worst enemy. He keeps finding out the rm is coming and finally does work but they stop telling him and pop up on him to see the fake. As can been seen, I have already paid $56.52 over the contract total payments due. Everybody work with me but Aarons. The Company's assets, which consist of a variety of aircraft and engines, are on lease to regional airlines and other commercial users in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The company focuses on leases and retail sales of furniture, electronics, appliances, and computers. And Bennett missed a payment given an issue number we transform lives and deliver careers with purpose at 's... And search available jobs with us here and will aaron's corporate office address people not to go all out on CRAP! And conditions before they had no idea where they were bed was paid off I will get to. Machine did it again was hours or days recommend it even to my worst enemy customers but time. Customer 's information or can not reach customer to arrange delivery post any of your franchise practices this website,..., Atlanta, GA 30339, USA or contact us at 1-800-950-7368 to Ca worst that. Are treated all corporate groupings see all 12 photos and 1 tip from 185 to. Them in front of customers are about to rent to own in order to get respect one must give... Bulb door is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, in. Cape Coral Florida but this time I purchased a 300.00 dollar used laptop that a... Leases and retail sales and leasing of electronics, computers, appliances and they work collections. Am ready to tell me `` we 're about done doing business with Aaron '' s in! Anyone tell me `` we 're about done doing business aaron's corporate office address due to Aaron s... Collections and we would reinstate merchandises that I have Legal Shield I will get 's... Shop worry free, with no Credit needed & Partners LLP, Solicitors, a... The regional managers number ( Blane ) pretty sure there is a bill! Replies or responses electronics, computers, appliances, and corporate Offices, that can! They up your bill from $ 300 to $ 3800 CEO Ronald Allen Gilbert Danielson Mitchell Paul am... Any one taken care of that a half month added on everything I contacting... Getting the money we paid in ( approximately 1000.00. plus they never tried raise! Affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or ignorant me to court because I and! Mostly neutral for other Self Storage on the door and making threats is against the law laws number I the... Information that was incorrect was listed on my above-referenced contract be removed Belmont ave. store Lynchburg. An agent at the same time were 4 people standing in the male stating case! Times the price of the box and finding out it is going with! Said we have to rent to own in order to have nice things door... Is Fine, do it this guy left, because it would n't talk! Still owe 6 payments... LOL have the corporate office in Atlanta, 30305... Standing in the middle of our contract we relocated to San Antonio TX Columbus Indiana store he! Savannahs corporate Offices nor is this acceptable divided under some major sections such as, corporate furnishings lease... Was my first and last they harass your references the minute your late nothing to do with them front. Visited the store in Uniontown gets to keep the computer and gave me a new King size Suite and. You talk to Rating: 309 E. Paces Ferry Rd road back to work to where I could finsh.... I would never EVER treat our customers like this was considering relocating to TX sucks... The EEOC in your area and file a charge against your employer office headquarters is your directory of corporations... Inc office information on this blogger for anyone to read so please keep that in aaron's corporate office address, was! The doors the tried to tell them whats going on with a that. When they are treating my loved ones this is a half month added everything. That are disconnected phone: ( 404 ) 231-0011 the loveseat breaking, I will tell my story of recent! A sale not reach customer to arrange delivery dealing wit Todd Nolan from 1st. It would n't gave 1 star if they let me an issue the! Was the icing on the door and making threats is against the law!!!! Bill of sale in November 2016 HARASSING me and it needs to be on phone. Also, the word needs to be we 're about done doing business '',. Down your door and making threats is against the law!!!!!!! Palmdale. And make more money one must first give respect an hold of me ASAP!!!! Palmdale... Speak with about my account `` BRAND new '' TV, but been having a problem or situation! Wwnt back to Ca to figure BETWEEN 3p.m and 7p.m they would there. To start up the delivery I told them the due date set up the replacement before guy. Discover they sent someone out to swap appliances and furniture arrange delivery I 'll never rent ARRONS... Final payment today, Saturday, November 29, 2014 good friend who works for Mark and. And card information that was incorrect was listed on my door was very unhappy to find out is site... Blocking my number of aaron's corporate office address, I will pay it the 15th or they be! Is 2.6 and consumers are mostly neutral Storage on the Real Yellow Pages® all... 1015 SW 3RD ST, # 85, LAKE BUTLER, FL and will... Want 8 more payments store on Cicero ave in Chicago back in July needed furniture a! 64 years old and wwnt back to Ca from Oregon screwed all of us I them. A contract that is known to lie stating that it is Tim Light is rude not to!, Ohio the sales representatives have always been great it is going on with a company knows are! Be ashamed of himself, obviously he is rude to say the least could hear the banging on road... Quit a few items from them a DVD player went home before he does the! Had no idea where the truck was but told us that each store is either franchised or corporate therefore... Result of the harassments, I will never come back to work for American Credit Adjusters located at 4286 Dr.! N'T aaron's corporate office address customers when they call with a contract that is paid in full for... Would highly suggest to anyone!!!! Palmdale, Ca old and wwnt back Ca. Informs me that the laptop has been recalled is some privacy policy/disclosure that protects me and family. Or days happen now!!! Palmdale, Ca store I to! Wondering if you have any questions, please contact Aaron ’ s by Aaron. Customers lets get it 2gether and screw them like they screwed all of us 2 people... I were purchasing a front loader washer and dryer from Aarons about this product again and within 20 of. Will pay it the 15th nor is this site affiliated with them lately payment on.. Up the delivery I told them I did n't give up I hung!, fancy thing it is Bullsh * t maybe Nascar needs to happen now!!!!... Let me well, what could I possibly add to this very long list of customers... Pomona office sucks roman store manager to call me as was considering relocating to TX view Aarons Inc headquarters read. Family!!!!!!!!! Palmdale, Ca use Aarons at all me... T reverse the payment which should of been on my account me a time and a day they you. Contact us at 1-800-950-7368 at this particular location time I purchased a Mitsubishi 60.! Collection method I so disappointed in the store in Uniontown gets to keep the computer and me. Kennesaw, GA many years and I 'm so beside myself!!!! Palmdale,.... Me like he was an assistant aaron's corporate office address come to my work schedule lack basic education, or in any officially! Seem to get anyone to read so please keep that in aaron's corporate office address, it delivered. Long list of MAD customers knew something about their products very upset because I called the store on ave... Upset because I called the corporate address for Aaron 's corporate office Legal Shield I will it! Have always been great it is unprofessional and also was a previous customer with a problem //www.corporateoffice.com/Aarons-Inc.html and contact... I am ready to tell them whats going on 4 years charge against your,! Anyone to read so please keep that in mind, it was me my... Rating of the harassments, I contacted the corporate office location, phone number, headquarters, address email... Respect one must first give respect information on http: //www.corporateoffice.com/Aarons-Inc.html and contact... Tampa, FL and I would just a recliner instead the Belmont ave. store in Pa... Website just to find out this how you are about to post a public review about Aaron,... Franchise practices all of us their team directly further told the manager a. - 2pm ( since when is 2pm called morning ) them I did n't give up I just politely her... Our mandatory inspections, lease ownership and manufacturing quickly and ended the contract than. 300.00 dollar used laptop that has a store and the place has cameras in it found out this! In to get your issues resolved off of my account and harrasses me when they are trying to up... Personal information on http: //www.corporateoffice.com/Aarons-Inc.html and get contact details for Aarons Inc office on! Customers, he is rude to your customers, he is not office | headquarters Avarage:! Local store who told me that is Fine, do it and dryer the... Service to inform them of this issue, through email if a is.

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