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BrandSpurNg. Signup to best of brands and business news, informed analysis and opinions among others that can propel you, your business or brand to greater heights. [17]Adesina was reelected unanimously for a second five year term on August 27, 2020[18], The African Development Bank is using a Unit of Account which is registered as XUA as ISO 4217 standard currency code. In 2010, the African Development Institute became the focal point of the African Development Bank Group for capacity-building. – Shareholding follows investment of US$50 million in AFC’s equity by AfDB– AfDB becomes the second investment-grade Supranational Finance Institution to join the membership of and invest in AFC. Losing your phone and wallet or having them stolen can be very frustrating. The AfDB was founded in 1964 and comprises three entities: The African Development Bank, the African Development Fund and the Nigeria Trust Fund. Regional integration infrastructure projects will be a key part of the AfDB's future business. He chairs the Boards of both the African Development Bank and the African Development Fund. [1][2] The AfDB's mission is to fight poverty and improve living conditions on the continent through promoting the investment of public and private capital in projects and programs that are likely to contribute to the economic and social development of the region. Ireland’s Strategy for Africa 2025 includes a commitment to collaborate with the critical financial institution on the continent, as well as to explore new partnerships to support policy development and program implementation; and deepen engagement in blended finance mechanisms for job creation. I see our membership of the Bank and Fund as an investment in this potential. In 1996, the NTF had a total resource base of $432 million. The studies conducted by various organizations (including the African Development Bank and the World Bank) show that, with the exception of northern and southern Africa, the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (reducing by half the number of persons living in poverty and without access to potable water by 2015) will in most cases not be attained. [citation needed]. Dr. Adesina served as Nigeria's Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development from 2011 to 2015. The AfDB has been designated the lead agency to facilitate "NEPAD infrastructure initiatives", which are regional integration projects led by African Regional Economic Communities (RECs). The AfDB helps to prepare projects so they may obtain financing from others sources through an initiative called the Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (IPPF). (Bloomberg) -- African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina was re-elected for another five-year term following a tumultuous three months that divided shareholders. Since its founding, AfDB has financed 2,885 operations, for a total of $47.5 billion. 2327, Government of the United Kingdom,,165673&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL, "Eye of the storm: African Development Bank chief Akinwumi Adesina", "Dr. Akinwumi Adesina re-elected unanimously as President of the African Development Bank Group", "African Union Commission calls for further financial input for the New Partnership for Africa's Development Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (NEPAD-IPPF) Special Fund",,970125&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL, "About the African Development Institute". "PM to inaugurate Annual Meetings of African Development Bank", "The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank (AfDB) on 23rd May, 2017; it is the first time in the history of AfDB Group that India would be hosting the Annual Meetings", "African Development Bank's meet: India-Africa relationship enters new phase", "Climate Finance Day: financing a just transition", "Fact Box: 52nd Annual General Meeting of African Development Bank (AfDB)", "The African Development Bank Annual Meeting in India sets new milestones for Africa-Asia relations", "52nd Annual Meeting of African Development Bank-2017, Gandhinagar (May 22-26, 2017)",, "Nigeria: Ahead of Adesina's Re-Election, Nigeria Doubles AfDB Voting Rights", African Development Bank page for African Development Fund, African Development Bank page for Nigeria Trust Fund, Regional Development Banks: Stepping Out of the Shadows - The African Development Bank, Past Presidents of the African Development Bank, Building Africa's Development Bank: Six Recommendations for the AfDB and its Shareholders, African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights, African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights, African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, International development and investment banks, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development,, International organizations based in Africa, United Nations General Assembly observers, Intergovernmental organizations established by treaty, Articles with dead external links from October 2016, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, African Development Bank Group (African Development Bank, African Development Fund, Nigeria Trust Fund), Institutional capacity building through assistance of policy/strategy formulation and implementation, Human capital development to create an environment for the operation of national AIDS strategies through training and technical assistance support, HIV/AIDS multi-sectoral responses with emphasis on prevention and control interventions that include IEC (Information, Education and Communication), STI (, Advocacy through participation in international and regional forums to raise political commitment and leadership towards a collaborative effort in the fight against the pandemic among RMCs and development partners, Partnership development with a view of forging new alliances and revitalizing existing collaboration to cover critical development concerns such as HIV/AIDS and to bringing partnership activities within the framework of the bank's vision, This page was last edited on 3 December 2020, at 03:18. Between 2005 and 2006, the AfDB's lending activities increased by more than 30 percent to $3.4 billion. In 2005, the AfDB approved 23 infrastructure projects for approximately $982 million, which totaled 40 percent of AfDB approvals that year. The Nigeria Trust Fund (NTF) was established in 1976 by the Nigerian government with an initial capital of $80 million. In 2003, it received an AAA rating from the major financial rating agencies and had a capital of $32.043 billion. At an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting on Friday in Abidjan, Governors of the African Development Bank, representing shareholders from 80 countries, approved a landmark $115 … Note: All countries in the African Union including Mauritania but excluding the SADR are eligible for NTF benefits. The AfDB has five policies towards securing Africa's future through health funding: To date, the bank's contribution in the fight against HIV/AIDS is estimated at over UA 500 million. Simon Coveney, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade said there was strong alignment between the priorities of Ireland’s international development policy, A Better World, and the African Development Bank’s overarching High 5s strategy. What does an effective multilateral donor look like? Shareholding. Ireland’s application to join the African Development Bank Group was approved during the Annual meetings of the Board of Governors of the Bank Group held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, in June 2019. From February 2003 onwards, the Bank operated from its Temporary Relocation Agency in Tunis, Tunisia, owing to the prevailing political conflict in Côte d’Ivoire at the time. The Bank’s shareholding was subsequently expanded with the joining of multilateral development financiers and commercial banks, including the African Development Bank (AfDB); the Netherlands Development Company (FMO); German Investment and Development Company (DEG); SBIC Africa Holdings, Commercial Bank of Africa, Standard Chartered Bank and Barclays Bank Plc as Class B (Institutional) shareholders. The African Development Bank (AfDB) leadership is seeking its seventh capital increase; the last capital increase was approved by the governors of the bank in 2010. [34], Multilateral development finance institution, African Development Bank annual conferences, List of 20 largest countries by voting powers, African Development Bank Group, (2005), about us, Group entities In harmony with its lending strategy, poverty reduction is the main aim of ADF activities. The Republic of Ireland has become the African Development Bank Group’s 81st shareholder, following a declaration issued by the institution’s President, Akinwumi Adesina, on … Ireland fulfilled those requirements, having made payments for its initial subscriptions and also depositing its instrument of ratification of the Bank Agreement with the United Nations, the statutorily appointed depositary and its initial deposit of the instrument of acceptance of the Fund Agreement with the Secretary-General of the Bank Group. Given the increased attention to infrastructure development in Africa from donors and borrowers, it is likely that AfDB's infrastructure lending will increase significantly in the coming years. (ii) A view to lending the money for development of specific sectors of the economy. It was here that the agreement establishing the African Development Bank (AfDB) was cosigned by twenty-three African governments on 4 August1963. It lends at a 4% interest rate with a 25-year repayment period, including a five-year grace period. The tenth United Kingdom replenishment of the ADF was in 2006.[14]. [15] The loans can be used for concessional loans operations with long and short term maturity.[16]. The AfDB is controlled by a Board of Executive Directors, made up of representatives of its member countries. Dr. Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina is the 8th elected [1] President of the African Development Bank Group, having taken the oath of office on September 1, 2015. The following table are amounts for the 20 largest countries by voting powers at the African Development Bank as of December 2014. Africa ready for potential new COVID-19 wave, experts affirm at AEC2020 special session. The AfDB's member countries claim that AfDB, as a multilateral institution, is particularly suited to support regional integration projects. The NTF is aimed at assisting in the development efforts of the poorest AfDB members. I know that membership of the Bank will further strengthen the role Ireland plays in sustainable and inclusive development on the continent. African Development Bank (AfDB), Kingdom of Belgium, Eximbank of India acting for the Republic of India, People’s Bank of China acting for the People’s Republic of China, Kingdom of Morocco. [24] This suggests that donor recipients in Africa views on the ‘multilateral donor of choice’ are informed by additional aid effectiveness criteria that are not commonly identified or reported against, though exactly what those criteria have not been discussed. This conference was convened by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in Khartoum, Sudan, from 31 July to 4 August. Swazi Tshabalala, Acting Senior Vice President, Vice President for Finance and Chief Finance Officer at the African Development Bank, said: “Thanks to the solid backing of its shareholders and strong financial profile, the African Development Bank is rated triple-A with … The U.S. has a 6.5% stake in the AfDB, the largest shareholding after Nigeria, which held 9.1%, as of November. [20], (i) Mobilizing financial resources from the Government or the foreign financial institutions with; Ireland’s membership and shareholder support will further boost the African Development Bank’s mission to accelerate Africa’s economic development,” African Development Bank’s President Akinwumi Adesina declared. The 56-year-old institution allowed non-regional countries to … Ireland’s application to join the African Development Bank Group was approved during the annual meetings of the board of governors of the AfDB Group held in Malabo, Equatorial […] The Governors typically appoint a representative from their country to serve in the offices of the AfDB's Board of Executive Directors. A working group convened by the Center for Global Development, an independent Washington think tank, released a report in September 2006 that offered six recommendations for Bank's president and board of directors on broad principles to guide the Bank's renewal. Following the end of the colonial period in Africa, a growing desire for more unity within the continent led to the establishment of two draft charters, one for the establishment of the Organisation of African Unity (established in 1963, later replaced by the African Union), and for a regional development bank. The subscribed capital is distributed among Category A and Category B Shareholders to tune of 93.39% and 6.61% respectively. Established in 1972, the African Development Fund started operations in 1974. This is a biennial global knowledge event with the main objective of facilitating discourse on the role of development evaluation in supporting African countries to speed up the delivery of the SDGs. The governors of the African Development Bank, representing shareholders from 80 countries, have approved $115bn increase in capital for the continent’s foremost financial institution. The AfDB is also required to give special attention to national and multinational projects which are needed to promote regional integration. [32], The United Nations launched Development Business in 1978 with the support of the World Bank and many other major development banks from around the world. Energy projects are likely to become a more important area of the AfDB's infrastructure work, given the lack of access to energy services across Africa and continued high oil prices affecting oil-importing countries. Ireland’s membership also comes as the African Development Bank provides crucial support to countries’ COVID-19 response,” he said. The AfDB is currently drafting an energy policy and developing its contribution to the G8-mandated Clean Energy Investment Framework. Additionally, the AfDB hosts the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA). © This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It is not clear if the AfDB's role in the energy sector will prioritize energy projects for domestic consumption or for export, although the AfDB has supported both in the past. Adesina is up for reelection in August 2020. Solid mineral processing... ...and invest the money from them in stocks, bonds, shares, cooperative schemes, etc. It employs approximately 1,865 employees as of 2016, and has 80 members: 54 countries in Africa and 26 American, European, and Asian countries. The largest African Development Bank shareholder is Nigeria with nearly 9 percent of the vote. The AfDB Governors meet once a year (at the Annual Meetings of the AfDB each May) to take major decisions about the institution's leadership, strategic directions and governing bodies. Third, it promotes investment of public and private capital for development. Regional member countries [alert type="success"] Algeria Egypt Libya Mauritania Morocco Tunisia Benin Burkina Faso Cabo Verde Côte d’Ivoire Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau Liberia Mali Niger Nigeria Senegal Sierra Leone Togo Burundi Comoros Djibouti Eritrea Ethiopia Kenya Rwanda Seychelles Somalia Sudan South Sudan Tanzania Uganda Cameroon Central African Republic Chad Congo The voting power on the Board is split according to the size of each member's share, currently 60%-40% between African (or "regional") countries and “non-regional” member countries (“donors”). All member countries of the AfDB are represented on the AfDB Board of Executive Directors. The event brings together the Bank’s shareholders, management and staff, government policy and decision makers, as well as development partners, civil society and other experts. Though this policy has still to be clearly defined, it appears to be driving certain lending priorities. African Development Bank. The bank is among the initiating partners of "AIDS in Africa – Scenarios for the future," a project whose outcome will enable governments and development partners alike to make strategic choices of current and future development paths and define their activities accordingly in order to face the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS. ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, September 1, 2020 Protocols The African Development Bank Group is a regional multilateral development finance institution established to contribute to the economic development and social progress across Africa. Fourth, the bank assists in organizing the development policies of RMCs. African Development Bank, 11 leading Multilateral Development Banks, IMF launch first joint report on financing the sustainable development goals. This focus was re-affirmed in the AfDB's 2003-2007 Strategic Plan, which identified infrastructure as a priority area for AfDB lending. Second, the bank provides technical assistance for development projects and programs. The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) was established in 1983 to perform a broad economic development function within the homeland constitutional dispensation that prevailed at the time. Learn how your comment data is processed. Member governments are officially represented at the AfDB by their Minister of Finance, Planning or Cooperation who sits on the AfDB Board of Governors. Another key area of concentration of the AfDB's support of RMCs is the fight against HIV/AIDS. The head of Africa’s largest multilateral bank is poised to be re-elected for a second term, emboldened by the support of shareholders after being cleared of wrongdoing by two probes. Mr. Tadesse is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Bank. Commenting on the membership, Irish Minister for Finance and the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Paschal Donohoe stated: “The African Development Bank and its sister the African Development Fund play an important role in fostering sustainable and inclusive social and economic growth and prosperity, helping the African continent to realize its potential to be the continent of promise and opportunity. With the approved increase, the capital of the Bank will more than double from $93 billion to $208 billion. The report contains six recommendations for management and shareholders as they address the urgent task of reforming Africa's development bank. All rights reserved. The AfDB has specific mandates from the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and other international organizations to take the lead amongst financial and development institutions in areas such as infrastructure, regional integration, and banking and financial standards in Africa.

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