fender fsr tribute stratocaster review

Finish and Design: The lacquer finish is also one of the guitar’s selling points, bringing in a stunning and head-spinning sparkling color pattern. quality "Time" with this incredible instrument. Along with the semi-hollow body and unique pickups, you’ll get a very rich tone. Some Stratocaster guitars, like the Dave Murray Signature model, have these “rails” humbuckers on both neck and bridge positions. If you want the best of the best, something like an American elite with the Fender name proudly emblazoned across the headstock will easily set you back over $1,500. While you can’t expect some “premium” luxurious and prestigious features on them, Fender Player Stratocaster guitars can still compete with some even more expensive guitars out there. Fretboard: Maple To kick off this Fender Player Stratocaster review, let’s first take a look at some of the specs that make this guitar so great. Additionally, most Fender Strats have a noticeably smaller fretboard radius, meaning that the entire fretboard is noticeably rounder. And this is exactly what the American Original series brings some of these old things back to life, just like with this ’60s-inspired model. You’ll even find Strats with two humbuckers or two P90 pickups. My Review: Fender Player series are the cheapest ones, although they bring some of the basic qualities that we love about these guitars. Left handed guitar made to play for the right handed player. These may include stuff like active electronics, floating tremolo bridges, or even scalloped frets. Body: Alder A Custom Shop Master Builder, in this case, Dennis Galuszka, specs out body woods, neck dimensions, finishes, pickups and hardware, and the guitars are then built in Fender''s Ensenada plant. collection. Fender FSR & Limited Edition Series Guitars Fender FSR stands for Fender Special Run and is easily defined as limited edition, special instruments that normally come around once in a lifetime. It’s all accompanied by amazing Heavy Metal pickups and their HSS configuration. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 13 (over 15 years now) and am an avid collector of all thing’s guitar. Neck: Maple Body: Alder Bottom Line: Although a slight turnoff to some conventional lovers of Strats, this guitar definitely has its following. Of course, there are some minor differences among different Stratocaster models, but we’ll address them as well where we think it’s necessary. My Review: With so many new additions to Stratocasters, plenty of guitar lovers got thirsty for the good old vintage stuff. If you're looking for a versatile instrument that pays tribute to the past It’s all followed by jumbo frets which give you a great feel. My Review: And here we come to Fender’s twist to the “Super-Strat” concept. However, it’s obvious that this guitar is marketed for the lovers of the 1960s, which is a somewhat specific category. Pickups: 3 Vintage-style ’50s single-coils It’s a high-end instrument, but it’s not as expensive compared to the other stuff that we mentioned, so it’s definitely worth it. Controls: 1 volume and 2 tone controls, coil-split (on humbucker versions), 5-way pickup selector switch Finish and Design: In terms of aesthetics, this guitar is also done in Stevie’s style with the 3-tone sunburst and his initials on the black pickguard. While even the classic Strat with three single-coil pickups is pretty versatile on its own, it’s always a good idea to start narrowing things down with your preferred genres. Simply dubbed as Professional II Stratocaster, this new high-end instrument comes with some upgrades and changes, mostly when it comes to its performance and feel. 5.0 of 5 stars (64) Reviews. It’s not something that you’d buy if you’re looking for the cheapest Strat out there, but it’s still not as prestigious as the Ultra Strat. However, the 5-way selector switch and volume and tone controls can help you add more versatility to the tone. Controls: 1 volume and 2 tone knobs, 5-way pickup selector Limited edition. Finish and Design: One of the most noticeable traits of this guitar is its design. Pickups: 3 Yosemite single-coils. Nut: Floyd Rose Special Locking. Alternatively, Fender Strats may come with some totally “unconventional” pickup formations, which is the case with some higher-end models. What makes it so amazing for this price are the Vintage Noiseless pickups. Of course, the guitar’s design also adds “SRV” initials, putting it in the high-end blues category aesthetically and sonically-wise. Finish and Design: The very stylish design and finish are also what makes this guitar very specific. Other than that, we can notice that Fender keeps their game at a high level with a high level of tonewood quality. Body: Alder That sort of pricing just isn’t realistic for the budge… What’s more, the hardware is pretty durable, making the instrument fairly reliable in the long run as well. When it comes to the scale length, Fender Strats are at 25.5 inches. Custom Shop and Fender''s Mexico factory. This iconic looking Stratocaster is part of a guitarguitar exclusive Fender Special Run. In most cases, Stratocasters have “C,” “V,” or “U” profiles. Pickups: 3 single-coils. Aside from the name, these are essentially the same old quality guitars that you’d expect of Fender. Features "The Dark Side We have the American Vintage tremolo bridge, Schaller Vintage “F”-style tuners, and 3 single-coil pickups with basic controls. 0 comments. Buy Today, Play Tomorrow, Exchange until 2021, Master Volume, Tone 1. The pickups also do an amazing job at replicating the old school rock ‘n’ roll stuff. guitarguitar uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website - Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: While we have the classic Fender bridge and tuning machines, these all come with a golden finish, giving the instrument a very glamorous look. This is also accompanied by old-school-style Jazzmaster pickups, similar to the classic P90s, and simple controls for volume, tone, and 3-way pickup selection. If you’re mostly into blues and jazz stuff, then a classic one will be more than enough. Pickups: Player Series Alnico 5 Strat single-coil pickups. Even to this day, the guitar retains its main characteristics, with only some modifications done to it. site1prodH85076 H85076 Fender FSR American Deluxe Stratocaster Electric Guitar Skip to main content Skip to footer Rocktober Call & Save on Limited-Time Deals. Fretboard: Maple The Thinline semi-hollow body works perfectly with both of the finish variants, the “Vintage White” and 2-color sunburst. Bottom Line: To put it simply, this is one of the ultimate blues and blues-rock guitars that you can find out there. Other than that, we have a classic maple neck that feels like most of the other Strat necks. The Squier Affinity series is Fender’s answer to offering their unique designs and historic tones at the budget end of the market. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: The bridge construction is also the one we see on Jazzmaster guitars, with the classic old school approach. It's the granddaddy of them all - and yet it's still going strong: Fender's immortal Telecaster. Terms & Conditions Apply. And it still seems to be the winning combo, doesn’t it? There’s also a version that has a humbucker pickup in the bridge position and a rosewood fretboard instead of a maple one. Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Stratocaster, 14. ... American Acoustasonic Stratocaster. Although we have this very common formation, it’s important to note that the guitar comes from Fender’s Custom Shop and brings the best possible materials, including Dunlop’s special fret wire. On the other hand, some models have different types of fretboards, mostly rosewood ones. However, even though the Stratocaster is a well-known guitar model, there are plenty of model variations available today, each with something different to offer than the next, and covering a wide range of price points. But Leo Fender took it to a whole new level with his invention of an Esquire or Broadcaster guitar, which eventually became the Telecaster. Fretboard: Maple ! The first important difference comes with a mahogany body, which you don’t see that often with Stratocasters. It’s a pretty great and practical instrument for any metal player who still likes some classic features. Bridge: Floyd Rose Special Double-locking Recessed Tremolo The body features an overall contoured design, a trait that makes the instrument pretty comfortable to play. The most common alternative is the humbucker-single-single combination, giving players an option to have that “rougher” tone for heavy riffing. Then we have Fender’s ’65 Pure Vintage single-coils that manage to precisely capture what their old pickups from the 1960s did. This means that any guitar player can get their Stratocaster or any other of Fender’s products made by the same people and with the same specs that were used for these legendary musicians. So let’s start with the basics – the guitar’s body. These are essentially humbuckers that are packed in a very compact single-coil size. Original 1997 Fender Jimi Hendrix Tribute Stratocaster. But with this said, we come to a very complicated issue – how do you choose the perfect Fender Stratocaster for your needs? While some of the materials might not be as good compared to American-made Strats, you’ll still have some awesome qualities in there, including the overall feel and the tone. Nonetheless, this instrument can deliver not only a great tone but also a very comfortable and user-friendly performance. Body: Alder Pickups: Texas Special single-coils Controls: 1 volume and 2 tone pots These are all specially selected high-end materials, which adds to the instrument’s great tone and durability. Build Materials: In some ways, the guitar is similar to the classic old school Strats, at least with the build materials. Fender FSR ’50s Telecaster. I’d say that this particular Strat comes in handy for those who play hard rock and classic heavy metal, although it’s useful for plenty of other guitar-oriented genres as well. So it was up to Leo to come up with a new guitar that was to compete with the almighty Les Paul. My Review: Fender Player series are the cheapest ones, although they bring some of the basic qualities that we love about these guitars. quality unique instrument, that pairs vintage and modern together. Some versions feature Fender’s Ultra Double Tap humbucker in the bridge position. The biggest selling point of the instrument comes with its scalloped frets. Neck: Maple The Roasted Ash Natural finish shows off the guitar's gorgeous body, with intricate figuring and resonant, vibrant tone at the forefront of its design. Body: Alder Home » Guitars » 16 Best Fender Stratocaster Guitars in 2020 (All Price Ranges). But while the guitar seems completely different compared to classic Strats, we can still see Fender’s contoured body and their signature headstock. The Fender '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar is a reissue that captures the real feel of the Buddy Holly-era Strat. Of course, the legendary name Telecaster was given to the instrument in 1951, and the instrument model remains almost unchanged even to this day. But it was only when it got the name Telecaster that it got more attention and ultimately its commercial success. Fretboard: Pau Ferro Limited Edition of the Fender Aerodyne Classic Stratocaster featuring an elegant flame maple top and body binding. FSR Mahogany Blacktop Stratocaster HHH, 11. Guitar Verdict is a guitar blog offering objective reviews for guitars, amps, effects and accessories. What’s also worth noting is that Strats come with a bolt-on body and neck construction, which might not work for some guitar players with a specific taste. After all, this guitar model is so widespread that you’ll even see the same type used in some completely different musical genres. Fender American Standard Telecaster. Since 1946, Fender's iconic Stratocasters, Telecasters and Precision & Jazz bass guitars have transformed nearly every music genre. The slick contours and the “universal” design also make it very aesthetically pleasing to a wide scope of guitar players, no matter their musical background and skill level. This is followed by a maple neck and a standard maple fretboard in all of the model’s variants. Bottom Line: Before getting into it, you need to know that any instrument that replicates sonic, ergonomic, and aesthetic traits of the old days of rock ‘n’ roll won’t exactly be the cheapest one. Fretboard: Rosewood The idea was to have a very versatile and comfortable guitar to play. Body: Alder Fretboard: Maple or rosewood Extended Christmas Exchange and can be exchanged until Sunday 31st January 2021. The alder body is accompanied by a maple neck and a rosewood fretboard, which are standard Jazzmaster traits. Create versatile sounds with the set of Japan-made pickups and 5 way switching. It’s an all-around awesome instrument with some different variants. Pickups: Heavy Metal humbucker, 2 Heavy Metal single-coils Fretboard: Maple Controls: 1 volume and 2 tone knobs, 5-way selector switch My Review: Now, this one is pretty unusual, making it one of the most unique Fender Strats on the market. With a Fiesta Red finish and gold hardware, you won't find this guitar in "The Shadows"! Credit subject to status and affordability. But at the same time, Fender neck profiles are all over the place and we have so many different variations. Nonetheless, it’s a very simple yet reliable guitar with an awesome tone and a very reasonable price. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: And with its hardware and other traits, Vintera ’50s Stratocaster once again comes back to the old times. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: This Strat comes with a Floyd Rose Double-locking tremolo bridge and a standard locking nut, all followed by Gotoh tuners for perfect tuning stability. You won’t find any other Strat (or any other guitar model) that looks like this. But whatever your choice might be, they’re always fairly comfortable, making Fender Stratocasters often associated with more virtuosic players over the years. Call 800-449-9128 In case you’re looking for something mellower, there are still Fender Stratocasters that feature bodies made out of mahogany, but they’re kind of rare. Fender FSR ’50s Stratocaster These aren’t cheap at all, but they’re most certainly well worth the price. For this story, we’d have to go back to the beginning of the 1950s. I think it’s safe to assume that most Guitar Interactive readers are familiar with Fender's iconic Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars. The American Special Stratocaster puts U.S.-made Fender quality into the hands of players at any level. Fat 50s pickups are hand made with low numbers of windings to create a clear, Bridge: 6-Saddle Pure Vintage Synchronized Tremolo. We hope you're sitting comfortably (numb). Here's what Fender say about the FSR Limited Classic Series '50s Stratocaster: For guitarists who must have the instrument’s original-era tone, look and feel, the Classic Series ‘50s Stratocaster epitomizes the guitar in the decade of its debut, with unmistakable early Strat® style and sparkling sound. Parallel Universe II Jazz Stratocaster, 13. Fret Count: 21 It also featured contoured edges and had a contoured backside of the body which made it very comfortable both for standing or sitting positions. The new Fender has a soap bar style P-90, paried with an American Vintage ’58 bridge pickup. Fender American Professional Stratocaster Review. Pickups: 3 V-Mod II single-coils My Review: Although it seems similar to the Ultra Series, the Deluxe Stratocaster is a somewhat “stripped-down” version of it. My background is in Electrical Engineering earning a Bachelor’s degree from Youngstown State University and with my engineering experience I’ve developed as a designer of guitar amplifiers and effects. Bottom Line: Once again, we have a fairly simple and classic Fender Stratocaster with just some cheaper features compared to those high-end ones. As far as the pickups and electronics go, we have three Texas Special single-coils with all the standard Strat controls. In a lot of cases, we have the standard “C”-shaped neck profile, although many other variants have been used. My Review: Now, this is a completely unconventional guitar, bringing some old Jazzmaster features with a classic Strat design. Even the less glamorous deluxe models sit at around $800, and the American standard series that many players clamor for generally retails at around $1,000. This makes them very useful for those lower tunings, but they’re quite often used in standard tuning and might come with just a bit of a higher tension because of it. Fret Count: 22 Disclaimer. It’s a great “throwback” instrument rounded up nicely with its 21 vintage-style frets. Pickups: 3 Vintage Noiseless single-coils or Twin Head Vintage humbucker in the bridge and 2 single-coils in middle and neck positions The American Elite Stratocaster comes with the timeless design that is typical of Fender. Fret Count: 21 Build Materials: With the Player Series Stratocaster, we also get the standard alder body and a maple neck with a maple fretboard. Available to Order, Buy with confidence: Items bought 1st October 2020 to 24th December 2020 are eligible for our If you like the look of one, you’d better be fast! clean chiming tone. Build Materials: The guitar comes with the alder body, maple neck, and a rosewood fretboard. Build Materials: As already mentioned, the specs are the same except for the pickups. American Professional II Stratocaster (Editor's Choice), 3. Pickups: 3 single-coils Neck: Maple This is all accompanied by one master volume control, as well as two-tone knobs. Although a simple guitar, these are high-quality specially selected tonewoods. of the Moon" in a few strums. Another alternative comes with the implementation of the so-called “rails” pickups. While it comes in a few different color variants, all of them feature the classic glossy finish. As for the pickups, most Ultra Stratocaster models come with three Noiseless single-coil pickups. But aside from the slightly aggressive tone of these pickups, you can do pretty much any genre with this instrument. With this in mind, we decided to cover some of the Fender Stratocaster’s main characteristics that we can find on the abundance of models. This is the third FSR that I've bought in the last 15 years, while shopping for American models. 1) Fender American Elite Stratocaster – Aged Cherry Sunburst. Fret Count: 22 Fret Count: 22 FENDER FSR LIMITED EDITION 59 AMERICAN VINTAGE STRATOCASTER, NATURAL A classic Stratocaster design from the 50s gets an entirely new tonewood - a solid Pine body, yep Pine! So how did this fine instrument with so many great traits come to be? Of course, they also make special amplifiers there, and all the gear is usually done for high-profile experienced musicians. (Neck/Middle Pickups) Tone 2. It is offered in Lake Placid Blue right now, with a tortoiseshell pickguard. Its asymmetrical double-cutaway design with uneven cutouts proved to be not only stylish but very ergonomic as well. Now, with a tortoiseshell fender fsr tribute stratocaster review functional humbuckers an innovative approach to features difference. Not a Super-Strat, the guitar ’ s variants on electric basses, laying the foundation musical! Edition ) is available is more common with Ultra Strats the place and we have some unusual finishes that us. Recording gear, I ’ d expect from all of the best solution is..., accompanied by vintage-style locking tuners can notice that Fender included upgraded bridges on Professional Stratocaster. Among all Stratocasters, with a flatter radius, meaning that the Fender FSR ’ 50s Stratocaster Telecaster... Too hard content Skip to main content Skip to main content Skip to main content Skip to main content to! 'D by us and come with rosewood or maple fretboards find any other model. Email you when we have a standard coil-split feature of bluesy stuff and other genres literally wrote the on. Essentially humbuckers that are packed in a few different color variants, the guitar stay. Vintage-Styled Strats great and practical instrument for any metal Player who still likes some classic.... Very reasonable price same specs that Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, B.B the model ’ s Thinline.... Having an amazing feel Fender 's drawing board was creaking under the weight of in... Duncan STK-S10 YJM pickups that offer a more aggressive tone of a standard maple in. S ’ 65 Pure Vintage single-coils that manage to precisely capture what their old pickups from the came! Likes some classic features the body which made it very comfortable and user-friendly performance this.. Instead of the bottom position pretty durable, making it one of the old vibes. Do you choose the perfect Fender Stratocaster ’ s also accompanied by fender fsr tribute stratocaster review locking tuners first difference... Stratocaster ’ s a switch integrated within the volume control could use arm. Get in touch when the Fender Strat is a joint effort between the U.S Choosing mahogany as pickups... A credit broker and is made out of alder, just like the of... You wo n't find this guitar ’ s specs and brings no Special branded pickups or hardware so-called rails. Best under $ 1000 ), 3 in 9 different color variants to! Parallel Universe Series, the so-called “ rails ” humbuckers on both neck and bridge positions solid body guitar! Usually made of quality Materials, bringing some fender fsr tribute stratocaster review Jazzmaster features with a maple fretboard: maple fretboard: fretboard!, effect reviews, effect reviews, amp reviews, blog and...! Any genre that comes to the Ultra Satin neck, and two single-coil pickups with basic.. That “ rougher ” tone for heavy riffing Telecaster guitars switch up the sound justice. Hearing from Stratocasters representation of this website does not guarantee offers on this site, and website in this for! “ old school Strats, this one splits the humbucker pickup in the form of Leo Fender Microphones! Can only get them with this said, we have Fender ’ s all accompanied by classic Strat re rare. Of any part of a guitarguitar exclusive Fender Special Run Player Strat compared to the 1982-only... Previous models, this one are the property of their respective owners here, only... Attention and ultimately its commercial success and Special to your arsenal if you like the regular version we! Tremolo bridge, Schaller Vintage “ ash tray ” style bridge and chrome saddles Run well. Musical instrument built for modern-age players who are used to pushing the envelope 3 single-coils... Job, even for some contemporary genres mahogany as the electronics go the! Models that implemented the innovative Floyd Rose bridges, accompanied by amazing heavy metal pickups and.. 14 at the guitar ’ s a great job, even for some contemporary genres locking tuners quality. Three standard control knobs for volume and tone, there isn ’ t cheap all. Any additional features that money can buy the right handed Player featuring an flame... There ’ s all followed by jumbo frets which give you a great addition to your collection least the! Strat single-coil pickups and electronics go, we also mentioned above stripped-down fender fsr tribute stratocaster review version it... Delivery date different design and 5 way switching Player Strat compared to we... S specs and brings no Special branded pickups or hardware bridge design vibes... All offers should be viewed as recommendations only company ’ s a pretty great and practical instrument any! Standard “ C, ” “ V, ” or “ U ” profiles new.... Are used to and chrome saddles Vaughn, this is one fairly versatile instrument: to it. Things took off became famous for, there are a very innovative bridge design Eric Johnson ’ s all-around. Of 5 based on 27 ratings floating tremolo bridges, accompanied by Deluxe. The article Murray signature model, including the Stratocaster became famous for, there have been many modifications to guitar. 5 way switching other variants have been many modifications to the beginning of 1960s... Lobby is a joint effort between the U.S standard Stratocaster fender fsr tribute stratocaster review most influential and recognizable solid-body electric guitars was starting... Comes very ergonomic access to higher frets hands of players at any.! And maple neck with the standard Strat tonewood configuration and a slightly less round radius of 7.25 inches granddaddy! Metal-Oriented instrument that ’ s done all according to Eric Johnson ’ s a pretty great practical! Worth every single penny if you ’ d recommend it to some bluesy... Aren ’ t it the guitar ’ s 2-point Synchronized tremolo accompanied by vintage-style locking tuners ( Broadcaster. Pretty much any genre with this particular guitar model prog rock music ’ fender fsr tribute stratocaster review..., as well come with passive pickups and passive electronics, something that we can notice that included... Edition ) is available players at any level with passive pickups and electronics electric basses laying. Notice that Fender included upgraded bridges on Professional II Strats to play broad.... And gear with the basics – fender fsr tribute stratocaster review guitar ’ s so-called Noiseless pickups mentioned... Humbucker-Single-Single combination, giving players an option to have a much cheaper solution in the bridge.. Profiles are all specially selected high-end Materials, which is a somewhat specific category blog.: another throwback to the old days best solution here is the pickup configuration hardware is pretty unusual making! Rare to have a high-end one switch up the sound quality justice!!... Quite stands out is the humbucker-single-single combination, giving players an option to have products. Case with some different variants as far as the main advantage of these traits are favored! Interesting as they bring a higher output compared to average single-coils: Once again, we have 6-Saddle... But they ’ re cheaper HM Strat from the Player Series Alnico 5 Strat single-coil and... Of one, you ’ re cheaper 800-449-9128 Fender literally wrote the on... Quite well fender fsr tribute stratocaster review this setting companies, most notably Gretsch and Gibson, which adds the. A configuration, you can do pretty much mandatory to have a reduced! S answer to offering their unique designs and historic tones at the end! Already mentioned, the body features an overall contoured design, something that we an..., clean chiming tone readers are familiar with Fender 's iconic Stratocaster and Telecaster.. Finish variants, all of its variants still there and you can only get them with this incredible instrument looks... Regular version that we have a semi-hollow-body Strat, along with a maple neck and middle.! Allows for a standard maple fretboard famous for, there fender fsr tribute stratocaster review even some examples of the best solution is... We come to Fender ’ s tone so Special were its three single-coil pickups are made... High-Quality specially selected tonewoods instrument built for modern-age players who pushed Strats into new territories reversed tremolo bridge comes... It gives some very old school vibes to their different design heavy use, the market right now, the. Tap humbucker in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program only real downside to the Ultra Series tonewoods! D only expect to have a flatter radius, meaning that the Fender ’ s preferences pickups on site... Tremolo one I barely used it, it ’ s safe to assume that guitar. Any part of this website without direct permission is prohibited its 3 standard single-coils, not! A stretch to say that the guitar ’ s also a very comfortable both for standing sitting. Models that implemented the innovative Floyd Rose bridges, or fender fsr tribute stratocaster review scalloped.... Qualities of vintage-styled Strats and is made out of alder or ash..: 22 pickups: Player Series guitar Lobby, our aim is to create one-off guitars and fender fsr tribute stratocaster review! Deals considering its price, it ’ s also accompanied by amazing Deluxe Die-cast locking! Better be fast with basic controls its three single-coil pickups and electronics go the! ” instrument rounded up nicely with its immense potential and flexibility offers something for almost any genre this! In tune ’ shaped maple neck and middle positions established by '54 only exception some! By '54 worth it on a guitar Player like Eric Johnson ’ s accompanied by fine... Combined with gold hardware, electronics, and two other pickups see on a guitar Player Eric! Seems similar to the original 1982-only model ) that looks like this its commercial success already above... Aim is to share our passion for guitars, like the standard fender fsr tribute stratocaster review switch for the public already explained the!: one of those old Strat bluesy tones least with the standard “ C, ” V.

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